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Long Milenko Maric sova, mechanical technician by trade, trying to settle down working various jobs, and then accepted the skin. I could have been anything, words are songs Bora Djordjevic. Our interlocutor Milenko Maric sova is a painter and a taxi driver, crane operator on the crane and guitarist, actor in the video, he has a radio show night sova ... I'm an individualist, I do not like patterns even when I'm cutting out my pants. Such is my life. I tried his hand at many jobs for those seeking true. With twenty years ago I went to Paris, said Sova, who are called by the name of the only official parties. At Montmartre's portraits. But not for long, I thought that spend the summer on the Adriatic coast on the sidewalk instead of a light is more attractive. He packed his easel and returned to their homeland. And who knows where the owls began life boat that is sailed into the harbor of marriage. Caring for the family required a different style of life. Employment as an operator on the crane. Free time in the crane cab is spent making leather belts ... I was attracted to me earlier, he said. I used mainly old leather items, mostly bags and altered them. Leather is the material from which can be used every scrap. The sova did not last long on the crane. Landed and started taksira, but the skin is more enticing. Day and night I spent pretending belts. I was simply enchanted the business. Less and less I sat down behind the wheel of a taxi continues our source. However, since something had to live. Thus, at the beginning of the nineties, leather belts found on a makeshift street stalls. I would earn if I resold smuggled goods, but this is my preferred. I felt sorry for every belt that I would sell, but I was also delighted that my handicrafts and others like them. The voice of his, handmade belts, the rumor quickly. They came with different customer orders. Milenko Maric - sova In keeping with the times in which we lived mid-nineties were the most requested holsters. They ordered them from across the country. There is an interesting story about the sova professionalism of individual businessmen from Italy. In Italy, there is a company making replicas of antique guns in Brescia. Since I saw that holster work, but poor quality, I offered to cooperate. They had a telephone conversation politely declined and thanked. I however do not be lazy, make a collection of holsters and send it as a gift. After some time, a friend who lived in Italy know that my collection exhibited at the fair as their own. Since he sold, it appeared and offered to pay me. I refused on the grounds that the Serbs in our custom gift that is not charged, but also that it does not sell. sova - Work with skin For years, the creator of everything amateur design, from jackets to trousers and Indian moccasins and boots traperskih, made by hand without a machine. Then a few years ago decided to buy one, and according to his custom, without any assistance, not only learned to sew, but also to repair the machine yourself and others. What makes today comes in the shop Sovine leather caps worn by many celebrities: Madam Piano, Ceda Starling, Goca Trzan, Nash Twins ... They are part of the costumes in the movie One on One and Black Cat White Cat-... Not just hats, Chilly for some singers have a complete wardrobe for stage performance, says master who swims without a degree in fashion waters. The sova just imagine their creations, no sketches and patterns, take the skin and make it. Such was the case with 40 unique hat that is made for a fashion show in Belgrade nightclub Lagum each was different, the product of inspiration from the current materials that are currently found at hand. Of skin that is left by his son Marko is unusual bracelets. Mark graduated from a high school leather, although the craft learned the most here Sova says proudly. He works pedantnije from me, with the same passion and love, because I believe that this work will become a family tradition. sova ten days to eight o'clock in the evening spent in his small workshop. There have been no need for your shoes skitare because the world is coming to him. Nalakte the bar and gustiraju its handicrafts. Sometimes it happens that a stray passer-order coffee thinking that he was in a bar in western style, in which the chairs of space for hanging on the ceiling.
„Magazine" No, 277 2003.


sova - holsters and revolvers With holsters and bags of "shotgun" Milenko Maric sova is made of leather and covers revolvers. Its products are part of the scenery new film by Emir Kusturica.
In his youth he painted portraits in Montmartre in Paris, and today he is an inspiration for leather work. Paris has replaced Belgrade, tool painting tools, but his preference for other applied arts.
Milenko Maric sova products and can freely say creates jewelry, hats, jackets and many other items made of leather, and a lover of weapons paid special attention to the cases and similar necessities needed specific clientele.
Recently, the leather sheath made even a revolver.
"When we cracked wooden scabbard I decided to do something," said Milenko better known by his nickname sova.
Indeed his revolver became known for leather sheaths, which in appearance resemble "pakmajerove" models, and individuals from "Zastava" weapons thought that some of America's gun.
Although the earliest traces of civilization was written just on the skin, this material is still a great inspiration, explains sova.
This craftsman and artist, set in New Belgrade mall TOWER, once made, and a gun holster.
For three days he worked on the idea that his client was satisfied at the end, because he got a shotgun in a bag, in which there is space for ammunition and accessories. This case can be carried in your hand like a suitcase or backpack on his back. Of course fast extraction is guaranteed.
Yet most sought pistol and revolver holster. I am ready to work as desired customer who knows what she wants, says Sova.
However, not everyone is sure what they want, and that is the continuation of the well-known story about the ignorance of weapons.
Convenience is important Among the sova has a lot of clients and foreign owners of old weapons, because most of us can find a holster made by Zastava templates for pistols and revolvers.
This lover of the weapon holster made by hand, from cutting leather to sewing thread made from natural materials, which is a rarity today.
Pay special attention to the colors, it is very important for them to penetrate deep into the skin that holster would not have snapped.
Like wine, good aging skin becomes more beautiful, explains sova.
At one time in his holster was also interested in the famous Italian manufacturer Umberto, but due to circumstances, to the cooperation has occurred.
Our people can be a lot to show the world, even when it comes to the specific needs of lovers arms, convinced sova, whose sheaths, necessary for set of his new film, commissioned and Emir Kusturica.
Armed leaves owners, who pick holster Milenko Maric sova provides only one piece of advice: Beauty is not important, but convenience! NEWS caliber No, 13 in 1996


In Belgrade club LAGUM was a performance staged ad hoc group "Wet and Wild" (Wet and Wild). The performance consisted of a few points which were common elements of stage movement and pantomime play of light. In this presentation, a fashion show was held unique hat, hats and caps with the author and producer Milenko Maric owl, designer of unique leather goods, which are specialized for 20 years in this business and has his own workshop "OWL" in New Belgrade. Its wear many hats in our cultural personality, showmanship and rock the world, It would be inconceivable that in our stories about the art of dressing and fashion styles, not to mention the skin as one of the most important material they are made of clothing, but when it comes to and his reputation has grown, and because for the last two Kusturica worked leather clothing details. However Milenko Maric owl is best known for his original caps that are much more than "cover the head" because they have a certain something - personality.
BAZAAR number 59 3 April 1998
supporting details (such as shoes, handbags, belts, hats, barrettes, bracelets, necklaces, etc.). then her role in the fashion world sacrosanct. That is why we pay special attention was attracted SOVA design studio from New Belgrade, where everything is made of that is what you are talking about, other details, jewelry, leather holster and a variety of purposes. This studio is well known in the world of music, film and fashion, for its original idejema. With a charming smile owl is always ready for new challenges. Finds inspiration in itself, and with his love of skin is ready at any moment to a new challenge. Therefore I suggest you look it up and see, ask them their new ideas, find out what will be a surprise. We were particularly interesting leather caps and hats, so we decided to show you one of the models, since it absolutely fits the current fashion dictate, and it is very interesting.
FAZON No. 45, March 2000


In most tribes, Native American men wore a long rectangular piece of leather, canvas shrunken waist, so that it covered the body from the front and the back. In some places where the air is colder wore leather leggings were. Indian leather leggings In other Indian tribes men wore a short kilt, something that looked like a skirt or pants fur. Indian men usually did not wear shirts but Indian warriors from the plains warriors wore special shirts made of suede trimmed ermine tails. Most Indian women wore skirts and leggings, size, design and materials are varied from tribe to tribe. In some tribes, women wore shirts of skin that looked more like coats, while the other wore tunics and garments like coats in public. In some tribes, women wore dresses made of deerskin. Nearly all the Indians were wearing some kind of slip-on (hard leather shoes) or "mukluk" (heavier boots). Types moccasins differed from tribe to tribe. Most tribes used cloaks in cold weather, and some northern tribes are wearing fur. The highest difference was in the headdress, which differed in each tribe. Types of Native American moccasin tribes by After colonization and transfer to reserves, way of dressing has started to change. Since many tribes from their homeland were moved to other areas and was forced Indian leather "mukluk" boots to live with one another, so that they began to exchange clothes, feathers and wool coats. Some Indians have adopted European clothing and parts that are customized to your preferences adorning them in the traditional Indian way. Today, Indians generally wear modern clothes, but many people still wear traditional jackets with fringe, moccasins and wear especially in formal situations and tribal gatherings for holidays. Other items of clothing such as leggings-leg leather, feathers dress mainly in religious ceremonies. Indians generally use the word "regalia" for traditional clothing that is used for ceremonial occasions.