Incasing the wheel is done with natural materials exclusively - leather ... Steering wheels which are quite exposed to moisture and sunlight, as is the case with the vessels like speedboats, jet skis, boats and ships, where except the steering wheel and seating components is incased with eco leather – vinyl.

The car wheels are wheels that are already sewed with leather or casted without the leather in the factory. Steering wheels that do not have leather must be prepared for upholstery, need to be prepared in some parts for the leather thickness. Damaged leather is being removed from battered steering wheel. We select spots for making the channel, which is used as spot for matching leather seams on the steering wheel. When you choose the color – leather tone and decide on the design of the steering wheel we carve the channel before, then measure the pieces of leather, sew them together on machine and then incase the steering wheel with it. We do the cutting on the wheel rim. Then we take off the leather and process it with a machine. Then, the leather returns to the rim of wheel and put it on the hand sewing tool. The interior of the leather on the rim wheel is hand sewed with thread color as desired. Sewed wheel is being removed from the tool, remove excess material, cleans parts of glue, rub it with cream for leather protection and then packed for delivery or we set the wheel in the car.